[Samba] Server Crashing

Kevin Smith starwatcher22 at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 7 22:42:00 GMT 2002

I have a RH 6.0 (don't laugh) server I've set up. Hooked to the test machine its fine, but when I put in on the 3 machine network it did a few weird things:

1: Changed my Main User Profile on MAchine #1 to what looks like a default profile. and When I login there no previous username in the Logon Box. (no windows Policies)

2: Crashes when  Machine #2 of the machines logs in and is copying its roaming profiles to or from the server with this error:

Kernel Panic: SKput:over:c2820b30:27855:dev eth0:     In Swapper Task   not syncing 

I seems to be doing this with just the one machine. a Win 98se box with an IntelPro/100B  iis the culprit.
I tried disabling the the roaming profiles, but that didn't seem to work and it still crashed.

My RH Server uses Samba 2.2.5 and the NIC uses the Tulip driver that came with the distro.  It's all connected through a Linksys Hub.
The Machine that DOES work, uses a linksys 10/100 <came with the hub>
Anyone even get this error? Or have and Idea why its being triggered? and more importantly how to fix the darn thing?

K Smith


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