[Samba] changing smb passwords from non smb machines

Bradley W. Langhorst brad at langhorst.com
Mon Oct 7 22:17:00 GMT 2002

In the interest of not having password divergence between NT and unix
I've got everything authenticating against and ldap database.

samba password updates are not a problem - i just 
use the unix password syncing features.

however the other direction is proving to be a problem.
I can rig pam to update both passwords with pam_ldap and pam_smbpass
on machines that run samba. On some machines I don't want to run samba
but i still want to provide passwd updates.

I've considered and rejected pam_smb and pam_ntdom 
since they don't seem to have the password updating features (just auth

I'd rather have the samba stuff updated by an exop on the ldap server
but i don't think that is possible since the ldap server would have to
know how to generate NT and LM hashes

Is there anybody else in the same situation - how do you handle this?



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