[Samba] Domain Admins

Irving Carrion icarrion at allinterior.com
Mon Oct 7 22:02:59 GMT 2002

Here is the output of smbgroupedit -td

NT group (SID) -> Unix group
Domain Guests (S-1-5-21-2879687004-3117605197-2714178016-514) -> -1
domainadmins (S-1-5-21-2879687004-3117605197-2714178016-3003) ->

I just rem'd out (admin users = @domainadmins) with no luck.

Do you have any other suggestions?

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On Mon, 2002-10-07 at 17:38, Irving Carrion wrote:
> I've read man smbgroupedit many times, over and over and OVER, and
> done step by step per the man page with no luck.  I thought maybe it
> would be easier for one to help if they saw what I was doing. So I
> posted a partial listing of group,passwd,smb.conf below.
> Plz, plz, really need some help with this!
> Thanks!
> I have Samba Version 2.999+3.0.alpha from the debian unstable
> domainadmins:x:1001:administrator,user1,user2
> user1:x:1219:1001:User 1,,,:/home/user1:/bin/bash
> user2:x:1220:1001:User 2,,,:/home/user2:/bin/bash
> HERE IS THE OUTPUT of  "smbgroupedit -vs | grep "Domain Admins""
> Domain Admins (S-1-5-21-2879687004-3117605197-2714178016-512) ->
> domainadmins
did you make your domain admins a domain group  with -td?
just run smbgroupedit -td to see the domain groups...

>         admin users = @domainadmins
have you tried without this line?

how are you assessing whether this is working or not?
i consider the mapping to work if i can specify 
one of my domain groups as a part of a local group and 
the rsop tool says that a member of that group has the appropriate

i'm not using domain admins  - do you maybe need to add it the local
admins group?


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