[Samba] Active Directory user authentication with a Samba File server???

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Oct 7 21:16:01 GMT 2002

> "Miremont, James" wrote:
> I currently have a file/print server running on a W2K machine that
> crashes almost daily and would like to start using Samba as a file
> server, instead.
> Our 5 domain controllers are all setup using native mode so as to not
> share active directory with any NT servers.
> ** If I setup samba on a redhat 8.0 box, can it read and write to our
> current active directory for user authentication?
> I want to have a samba server that is apart of our domain and shares
> its authentication with the other DCs, I do not want a user database
> on the redhat box that is specific to it. So if a user changes their
> password on a domain machine somewhere it will replicate to all other
> DCs, including the Samba server. I do not want to maintain a seperate
> user/password database on the Samba server.
> Are these things currently possible??

Certainly.  You may need to set a username for winbind to use when
contacting the DC (or set 'permissions compatible with pre-windows 2000

See the manpage for wbinfo -A

Or Samba 3.0 alphas allow you to do it natively, but be warned, the
documentation in our prerelease code is lacking (which is much of the
reason it is still pre-release).

Andrew Bartlett

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