[Samba] WinXP Pro, Profiles and Home Dirs

K. Hawkes k.hawkes at zombies.force9.net
Mon Oct 7 19:39:00 GMT 2002


I'm sorry if this has been asked before or if a solution is in the archive,
this is rather a semi-urgent request.

We have a PDC (Samba 2.2.5) mostly with Win98 clients, a few XP clients.  We
can join these to the domain thanks to the registry
patch, however, sometimes (it's random, or appears to be), we login a user
who HASN'T previously logged into the XP system before and it deletes their
home directory (as it's set the same as their profile directory).  The only
things left are the profiles and any subdirs that happen to be laying
around.  Any files in the root of the homedir are deleted.  We can't find
why this happens.  Another thing which may or may not be XP+Samba related,
sometimes it renders other samba users inaccessible, as in they cannot
login, whether it's from XP clients or 98 clients.  It's almost like it's
disabled the account, but we re-enable it and it does not fix it.  Only way
to fix is to DELETE the samba account and recreate it.  The XP clients are
NOT SP1, have no patches except the XP domain-login patch.

Any thoughts on above?  Also what is a good setup for XP roaming profiles so
they DO NOT conflict or overwrite Win98 profiles?

As an afterthought, would Samba 2.2.6 correct any of this or is it just us?

Thanking you all in advance,

Mr. K. Hawkes

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