[Samba] FW: samba audit patch

Hakanson, David J. hakansond at missouri.edu
Mon Oct 7 17:20:01 GMT 2002



    I am taking over the samba-audit patch (logs user actions to syslog)
written by Andy Bakun
<http://thwartedefforts.org/software/samba/samba-audit.html> ). I was
wondering what direction I need to go in order to possibly get this
functionality into the samba dist source. I have a patch for samba-2.2.5
and have built a source rpm. I put the patch up at
<http://www.pengus.org/main.php?pageId=1> , tar located at
http://www.pengus.org/projects/samba/smb-audit.tgz. Thanks,



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