[Samba] Using the XP backup utility with SAmba

Krzysztof Karski kkarski at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 7 04:27:01 GMT 2002

I set up a backup folder on my samba server today but I am not able to 
configure it to accept scheduled backups from the Win XP backup utility.

I have coated a backup profile on my XP machine and set the backup path to 
the Samba directory. When I try to run the backup I get the error:

"The Backup file name could not be used: 

Please ensure it is a valid path and that you have sufficient access"

I am able to browse the directory just fine so I think it might be a 
permissions issue between the Backup utility and Samba or that it is logging 
in using a different username.

Any Advice?

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