[Samba] Windows 2000 sp2 -> sp3

Guy Story, KC5GOI kc5goi at kc5goi.net
Mon Oct 7 02:29:26 GMT 2002

I have seen this recently myself.  I have win98 and win2kpro boxes at a 
customer site so the scripts have 2 different entries.

For win 98 

net use h: /HOME

 this works fine but fails to fly on my 2k boxes.  NT4 is happy with this too.

for my 2k boxes

net use h: \\chamber-gw\%USERNAME%

works great but gags a big one on the 9X and NT4 boxes.  Since I have several 
sites were the user might go to a 9x one time and a 2k another, I have both 
listed.  One of them always fails depending on the OS but one always works.  
I am running 2.2.1a on some systems and am in the process of upgrading to 
2.2.5 on the others.  The 2k boxes are on SP3.

Guy Story, KC5GOI
Itel-Tigerbyte LLC	
gstory at tigerbyte.com

On Sunday 06 October 2002 07:42 pm, Dmitry N. Salmin wrote:
> Really if I do "net use H: \\sambaserver\homes" after login, w2k
> requests for a password and successfully connects the the homes share.
> -> What is necessary to make Windows 2000 not request a password if
> -> username and password are the same on w2k and Samba?
> -> What has changed in sp3 so that it does not provide Samba with the
> -> password I type in at login?
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> what error are you getting
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> Hello All.
> I was using Windows 2000 sp2 and Samba 2.2.3a. Windows 2000 users were
> also registered on my Samba server with the same passwords. Encryption
> was set to Off.
> In the Windows 2000 user profiles it was set to automatically map H: to
> \\sambaserver\homes.
> After installing sp3 it does not work anymore.
> Dmitry

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