[Samba] communication linux 7.3 with windows XP using samba.

linux power linuxpower2002 at yahoo.no
Sat Oct 5 20:39:00 GMT 2002

No you dont have to install samba on the windows
client.You run testparm /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf
to see if smb.conf has no syntaks errors.
Then you must add users with the same username and
passwd as in linux.Type smbpasswd -a (username)
and give passwd when prompted for it.
Then run smbclient -Llocalhost
to see if you can see the shares.I attach my smb.conf
file which work and you can use if you get problems
with yours.Remember to replace the ip-addresses in
interfaces,remote announce and broadcast with the
values of your lan. 

--- avijit <a.surchowdhury at verizon.net> skrev: > Hi
>   I do not know how samba mailing list works. But I
> like to join in the mailing list.
>   What do I have to do. Also I have the following
> question.
>  I installed smaba on linux 7.3.  I modifyed
> smb.conf file according to Linux customization file.
>  Also I restart smb.  I had not been able to connect
> from Linux to windows Xp or vice versa.
>  Do you think I have to install smb client on my
> windows XP.  So Thats all for now.
>  I will wait for your e-mail.
> Thank you
> Avijit

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