[Samba] Win2K domain at work, Samba workgroup at home

David C. Kulp dkulp at cse.ucsc.edu
Sat Oct 5 07:14:01 GMT 2002

This is a little off topic, but maybe someone can help.  I have a Win2K
laptop that's part of a corporate domain.  When I bring it home and add it
to my home LAN, it refuses to access any SMB machine (including a Samba
server, Win98 or Win95 box) complaining that "There are currently no logon
servers available to service the logon request."

Is there any way to fix this easily?  I can, as administrator, change the
System Properties->Network Indentification->Properties->Member of... to
remove the Domain assignment, and restart the computer.  This is pretty
lame, though, because it's tedious, extremely slow, and you lose your old
login and desktop -- which is very inconvient.  It would be nice if there
were mobile profiles to handle this, but I can't find it.  Even better, I
could stay in the Domain, but the machines in the home workgroup would
simply be accessible through some setting.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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