[Samba] 3.0 Alpha20 Testing Results (winbindd related)

Lee, Mike MLee at mtech.edu
Fri Oct 4 22:08:01 GMT 2002

Hello Everyone,
            After modifying, compiling and installing my new kernel and
samba 3.0 alpha20, I have discovered a couple of bugs/errors/need-fixing,
*	When setting security permissions via WinXP box to a membered samba
server (alpha20) on a network share I receive the following problems:
*	File permission are set correctly for single users and groups.
However, when accessing this share from a user who is a member of that ACL
specified domain group, the log.winbindd file reports it has problems
mapping the UNIX ids to the GIDs and the user is denied access to the
share/directory.  I have tested this and it seems to only be occurring on
members of a group and not users who are added individually to the share.
All permissions are set via a windowsXP domain member machine.  At first it
looked like the unix mapping IDs (winbindd erros) were always off by an
integer of 2, but upon further tests of additionally created test domain
users, the pattern did not repeat (totally random)
My configuration is:
Patched kernel with posix acls and extended attrib. 
Installed all acl and extended attr. Packages (RPM)
Downloaded, compiled and installed samba 3.0 alpha 20 (enabled:  ACL
support, automount, smbmount, winbind authentication, msdfs)
Installed the nss_winbind.so/so.1 file to the nsswitch directory and updated
system. (all directions taken from 2.2.5 directions for winbind)
Security = DOMAIN
WINS = via wins server
ACL support = Yes
Mapped winbind accounts for users and groups to 10000-20000
Modified /etc/fstab for acl support (verified)
Some lines from my log.winbindd file are:
[2002/10/02 15:32:40, 1] nsswitch/winbindd_sid.c:winbindd_gid_to_sid(223)
  Could not convert gid 10026 to sid
[2002/10/02 15:32:40, 1]
Could not convert gid 10030 to sid
[2002/10/02 15:40:51, 1] nsswitch/winbindd_group.c:winbindd_getgrgid(289)
            As I am not a very good programmer, I would not have any clue on
where to start to help fixing this.  If this is a result of my config,
please let me know.  Hope this helps developers/bugfixers.
Mike Lee
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