[Samba] Port 139 versus Port 445

Jason Joines joines at bus.okstate.edu
Fri Oct 4 14:08:00 GMT 2002

Joel Hammer wrote:

>Just making all this stuff up off the top of my head.
>I have never done this, but you could try:
>Running two smbd daemon, each listening to different ports.
>Redirecting traffic from port 445 to 139 with some firewall rules. I redirect
>traffic with ipmasqadm, but there are surely others.
>Running smbd with (x)inetd and have it listen  to both ports.
>Likely, the delay is because the W2K clients are waiting for a reply,
>and finally timing out on port 445. Why not try something funky like
>having telnet or apache listen on port 445. Maybe that will tell the client right
>away to try a different port, like 139.
>Let us know how this works out, if you try any of this stuff.
>On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 03:04:41PM -0500, Jason Joines wrote:
>>     I've noticed that my W2K clients connect to Samba much more quickly 
>>if I run it on port 445 instead of 139.  However, my WNT clients then 
>>won't connect at all.  I read somewhere that it was possible to forward 
>>the requests on port 139 to port 445.  Anyone know how to do this or how 
>>to listen to both ports simultaneously?
>>Jason Joines
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I have been running an smbd daemon on port 445 with the -p option but 
have never been able to start a second daemon.

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