[Samba] Error at client side

Magnus Malmsten magnus.malmsten at evl.fi
Fri Oct 4 07:17:00 GMT 2002

Bruno Ferreira wrote:

> At 23:46 03-10-2002 -0400, you wrote:
>> I even can see Samba server from my W2k machine. However, when I click on
>> that, I wait a while and get an error message "The network path was not
>> found". I
>> don't know why?
>         I think this error comes up if you specify a share but then 
> don't create the share's actual directory in the disk (i.e. you create 
> the "Documents" -> /usr/docs share, but don't create the /usr/docs 
> directory), or the permissions for said directory don't allow for the 
> connection.
>         Bruno Ferreira

I have the same problem with win2000sp3 and win 98 (have not tested NT4),
does the directory permissions have to be defined or is it sufficient to 
just create them?

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