[Samba] Fw: 'max_four_gig' parameter to normalize to 4GB

Thomas Bork knuffelmail at gmx.de
Fri Oct 4 00:53:00 GMT 2002

Hallo Andrew,

thanks for your answer:

> I *really* don't expect you will find 'easy' solutions to the
> of bugfixes in Samba since 1.9.18p10.  Even if you 'fix' this one,
> there will be *many* others.

The *only* bugfix I need is showing the real size of harddisks ;o)
Nothing about security=user|domain and so on, only shares per ip/net
(hosts allow).

Is it possible, that

dfree command

worked in 1.9.18p5 but not in 1.9.18p10? OK, I'll try all

> There are other approaches to reducing binary size - look into the
> MAX_DEBUG_LEVEL #define in local.h,

Thank you for that.

> and look into making a single
> binary, using one main() and using argv[0] to distinguish between

This is not a solution because in fli4l-samba-configuration it is
possible to use only smbd without nmbd (for people, which don't have
enough space on the floppy; only smbd will be copied to the floppy).

> programs, but getting samba small *is* hard.

I know, that's why I want to use this old version...


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