[Samba] Print server on all linux network

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Thu Oct 3 22:24:01 GMT 2002

Do you understand how printing works with samba?
Essentially, you just transfer the file to the samba spool directory, and
invoke lpr to print the file. You will need to look at your smb.conf file to
see what is supposed to happen. I would set up a share just for your printer
and not rely on the generic printer share that smb.conf comes with.

Here is the sort of printer share I have:
This take a postscript file as input, invokes lpr to print to queue ps on
the server, which translates postscript files for my lexmark printer.


	path = /tmp
	read only = No
	create mask = 0700
	guest ok = yes
	hosts allow = 192.168.
	printable = Yes
	printing = lprng
 	print command = echo %J %p %s  >>  /tmp/junkJ;\
                       a="`echo '%J' | sed "s/^.*- //"`" ;\
	               echo This is truncated $a >> /tmp/junkJ;\
                       /usr/bin/lpr -Pps  -J"$a"  %s;\
                       rm %s
	lpq command = /usr/bin/lpq -Pps
	lprm command = /usr/bin/lprm -Pps %j
	lppause command = /usr/sbin/lpc hold z53 %j
	lpresume command = /usr/sbin/lpc release z53 %j
	share modes = No
        use client driver = yes     

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 12:47:27PM -0700, Dan Sawyer wrote:
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> Hello, everyone - 
> I've been trying for two weeks now to get my print server operational under 
> Samba.  After walking through the howtos and tweaking the configs per spec, 
> it just ain't working.  Printing from a client machine sends, and then 
> nothing happens.  No error messages or anything similar.
> Printing from the server works fine, but not from the clients.  
> Setup: 
> 4 machine network, 3 clients, 1 samba file/print server
> SuSE 7.3 running on all machines.
> HP 2P parallel printer on lp0 of server
> What else can I tell you to help figure this out?
> - -Dan Sawyer
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