[Samba] RESPOND-EFAX/Payong Gig

Keith G. Murphy keithmur at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 3 20:17:01 GMT 2002

The only thing I said I couldn't (more like would not/didn't have time 
to) do was make the frontend (Respond) display PostScript.

A quote from your E-mail:

"The front end should produce a postscript cover page."

I explained that with Respond/printfax.pl, the backend produces the 
PostScript, but that my Respond replacement could provide a preview of 
the fax.

You did not dispute that, and we continued to correspond for a while, so 
I assumed we were still go on the project.

I basically think that you never had a handle on what software you were 
using or how to express what you wanted.  And you apparently had a poor 
understanding of what I was trying to tell you.

That's the charitable interpretation, anyway.

But why you dropped the whole issue as I continued to try to get the 
information I needed to continue, I'm not sure.

None of this is a capital crime.  But I did find you very difficult to 
(try to) work with, and I think my warning was proper.

Anyway, this list is not the place to continue to discuss this.  Not 
that I want to, or have any desire to continue to (try to) work with you...

Ruben I Safir wrote:
> And you said you couldn't do it
> On 2002.10.03 12:56 Keith G. Murphy wrote:
>>Ruben Safir wrote:
>>>I'm using efax and faxlpr to send faxes from the Windows computers.
>>>I need to hire someone to hack RESPOND to create a nice Cover Letter with
>>>inforamation in it about each user.
>>>Can someone do this hack?
>>Be prepared for grief.  This guy posted to the Hylafax list a while 
>>back, saying he needed it for Hylafax.  I responded, we made a deal, I 
>>started working on it, but when I had questions he stopped responding.
>>He made another posting on the same list, I wrote to him again, he 
>>claimed to have lost my E-mails.
>>Started work again, had questions, turned out he wasn't sure about what 
>>he was running; I needed more detail, told him what files he needed to 
>>send me.
>>Got no response (for weeks) until I saw this posting.
>>Maybe someone else will have better luck dealing with this guy.
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