[Samba] Can't mount dir as read/write

David Rosenstrauch david.rosenstrauch at aleri.com
Thu Oct 3 17:51:01 GMT 2002

Hi.  Trying to mount a Win2k drive as read/write, but when it gets mounted I 
can't actually write to the drive.

Command I'm using is:

su -c "mount -t smbfs //nbgwu5/upload /home/darose/mnt/nbgwu5 -o 

Result of the mount is:
//nbgwu5/upload on /home/darose/mnt/nbgwu5 type smbfs (0)

I can read from the drive, but not write to it.  I've checked the permissions 
on the Win2K box on that shared dir and it's set to Everyone/Full Control.

I've also verified that the mount directory (/home/darose/mnt/nbgwu5) is 
writeable by me.

But I still can't write to the directory:

cp ~/work/gateway.sh ~/mnt/nbgwu5/
cp: cannot create regular file `/home/darose/mnt/nbgwu5/gateway.sh': 
Permission denied

Anyone have any clue how I can fix this?  Please feel free to RTFM me if 
necessary, but I've read through the Samba HOWTO and googled around a great 
deal and am still stumped.



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