[Samba] Samba&NT4

Quang Huy huy at glassegg.com
Thu Oct 3 15:23:01 GMT 2002


I am trying to set the samba service up. 
After i edit samba.conf and start the service, i could access windowsNT4 clients' resources like files and printer. But when i try connecting samba's share from windows clients. 
It fails and keeps saying 
"the network path not found" or 

"C:\>net view linux
System error 1234 has occurred.
No service is operating at the destination network endpoint
on the remote system."

I have tried something related to encrypted passwd and checked subnet mask and broadcast address. they are the same for samba server and windows clients. when i try smbclient -L <samba server> i can see all the share names of the samba server.

I try the following command

nmblookup -B <broadcast address> <windows clients's name> it is ok

nmblookup -B <broadcast address> <samba server's name> it is not ok

It seems like all the windows workstations in my domain do not know the netbios name of the samba server.

Could anybody here could help me solve this problem so that i could access shares of the samba server from windows clients.


Huy Pham 
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