[Samba] Question regarding the possibility of W2K smartcard logon

Elek József elekj at ekg.gov.hu
Thu Oct 3 07:57:00 GMT 2002


I could not find any documentation about the possibility of W2K
smartcard-based logon using Samba as a PDC (no MS on the logon server side).
Is it possible?

If yes:
Is it possible in case of MS CA only? Can I use any other (third party) CAs?
Where can I find usable documentation for this?

If not:
Is the following configuration can work: W2K server acting as a PDC (for
performing smartcard-based logons and running the MS CA) and a Samba acting
as a file/printer server for the domain? In this case it would be
interesting if I can use a third party CA for W2K domain logon - but it is
not the question of this list. :)

Any piece of information can help. Thank you in advance,

Elek Jozsef
System Engineer
Kopint-Datorg Rt., Hungary

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