[Samba] How to mount NT share & maintain NT share permission via SMB for LTSP user??

John Clay john.clay at lfr.com
Wed Oct 2 20:30:01 GMT 2002

When a regular user (say, "jmc") logs onto my Linux (LTSP, Samba, DHCP)
server via his LTSP terminal I need an NT drive share to be mounted with
the permissions that NT intends.

Our NT file print server has a directory named "private" which contains
subdirectories for each user. Each user has NT read/write permissions to
his/her private subdir and no others. I need for each user to log onto
the Linux server, via LTSP, and have the private drive mounted with
permissions to allow read/write only to each users own subdir, just as
if the user had logged onto the domain from an NT box.

Here is how things work at present:

root and jmc have accounts on Linux server and NT domain (as
administrator and domain user respectively) and passwords are
synchronized properly. Samba participates in domain security and that
aspect of the situation is, I believe, just fine.

1)   When root is logged onto the Linx server and mounts the NT private
drive via LinNeighborhood with jmc credentials then everything works as
desired for jmc when logged on via LTSP terminal. That makes sense but
jmc isn't going to have access to a root session.

2)   When jmc is logged to the server (directly or via LTSP) he can scan
the NT file print server (via LinNeighborhood) but can't mount any
directories - Error is "smbmount not found". I assume that is a path
issue. If so then that makes sense too.

3)   When root is logged onto the Linx server and mounts the NT private
drive via LinNeighborhood with root credentials then root can read/write
everyone's private dir. Makes sense, but if user jmc logs onto Linux
from the LTSP terminal and accesses the share that root mounted he can:
            a)   read everyone's private directory from Konqueror;
            b)   but can't write to any of the private drives, not even
his own.

3a and 3b don't make sense to me.

I know that LinNeighborhood isn't really relevant to the issue - just a
convenient way to use the smbmount family of executables with whatever
user account credentials desired.

Given this behavior, do any of you know how to mount the private drive
in Linux and maintain the permissions that NT intends for each regular
user who logs on via Linux?

Thanks very much for any assistance.
John Clay

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