[Samba] Authentication problem

Carlos Ufano González cufano at sgi.es
Tue Oct 1 16:48:00 GMT 2002


    we have only a problem with samba in our Solaris 8 server and it is with IIS 5 in Windows 2000.

    We want to use a shared samba folder to put our html pages in, to use IIS how our web server and to use that shared samba folder how our web document root in IIS. But it doesn´t work, there is always a "Netlogon failure" in the web broser when I'm trying to access http://localhost in the web server.
    We can use that shared folder in Windows and we can use "net use t: \\solarisserver\sharedfolder" and all working fine, but when I use a web browser there is a authentication problem. 

    What's the problem???

Thank you very much,

Carlos Ufano González

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