[Samba] config.pol

Bob Crandell bob at assuredcomp.com
Tue Oct 1 15:57:46 GMT 2002

Hi Fernando,

I'm sorry.  I forgot to mention all the workstations are Win98.  Fortunatly, there
are only 10.

I have already changed the selection to "All users of this computer use the same
preferences and desktop settings." in Passwords Properties/User Profiles.

Your english is so good I didn't even hear an accent.  ;^)

Fernando Casas (casasfernando at hotmail.com) wrote*:
>Hi BOB.
>This solution is tedius, but works. I´m sure there is a better one out
>there. =)
>You must go to each workstation, logon as Administrator, or a user with
>Administrator privileges.
>Righ-click on MyComputer icon.
>Click on Properties.
>Then go to the User Profiles tab.
>Select the user that you want to change de profile type.
>Then click on the CHANGE TYPE button.
>Then click on OK.
>Click on OK again.
>And thats all. Then logoff, and logon again. The user profile will be local
>type instead of roaming.
>If this doesn´t work for you, let me know.
>PD: excuse my terrible english. =(
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>> Hi,
>> I just installed a new Samba server to replace an old dying Novell box for
>a client.
>>  It works well and they are happy.  The one problem I'm having is when any
>user logs
>> in, they get a message saying it can't find \\master\netlogon\config.pol.
>This is
>> coming from a messed up roaming profiles configuration on the Novell box,
>which is
>> off.  I don't have any experience with roaming profiles and I don't want
>> My question is can you either
>> 1)  tell me how to turn it off on each workstation or
>> 2)  send and empty/do nothing config.pol?
>> This would be a great product if it wasn't for Windoze.  :^/
>> Thanks
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