[Samba] config.pol

Fernando Casas casasfernando at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 1 15:38:01 GMT 2002

This solution is tedius, but works. I´m sure there is a better one out
there. =)

You must go to each workstation, logon as Administrator, or a user with
Administrator privileges.

Righ-click on MyComputer icon.
Click on Properties.
Then go to the User Profiles tab.
Select the user that you want to change de profile type.
Then click on the CHANGE TYPE button.
Then click on OK.
Click on OK again.

And thats all. Then logoff, and logon again. The user profile will be local
type instead of roaming.
If this doesn´t work for you, let me know.


PD: excuse my terrible english. =(

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> Hi,
> I just installed a new Samba server to replace an old dying Novell box for
a client.
>  It works well and they are happy.  The one problem I'm having is when any
user logs
> in, they get a message saying it can't find \\master\netlogon\config.pol.
This is
> coming from a messed up roaming profiles configuration on the Novell box,
which is
> off.  I don't have any experience with roaming profiles and I don't want
> My question is can you either
> 1)  tell me how to turn it off on each workstation or
> 2)  send and empty/do nothing config.pol?
> This would be a great product if it wasn't for Windoze.  :^/
> Thanks
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