[Samba] Browsing

Praise praisetazio at tiscalinet.it
Fri May 31 15:55:06 GMT 2002

Alle 06:41, giovedì 30 maggio 2002, Martin Burheim Tingstad ha scritto:
> I cannot see any of the computers in my workgroup from windows, looking
> them up from freebsd works, even querying the subnet for masterbrowser
> works (from the samba-server (bsd)). Why does this happen?
> Greetings, Martin.

There is very little information here. I could not help you I think, even if 
it was there. I am facing the same problem as you, the network knows what is 
its master browser but it fails to display the neighborhood. My suspects are 
that there is a problem in name resolution (digging the doc I have found that 
if name resolution do not work then browsing do not work too).
I have been a bit busy lately so I have to check it better. Let me know what 
was your problem if you find it.


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