[Samba] Logon scripting for W95/98

Paul Espinosa samba at cynnyr.org
Fri May 31 12:31:02 GMT 2002


As some of have no doubt found out, scripting is subtly different on 95/98
machines and NT machines.  I have a logon script called by:

	logon script = xxxx\main.bat %G %U

that works great for NT boxen.  However it does absolutely nothing, no
execution of main.bat at all for a W98 client.  If I remove the parameters
so it is:

	logon script = xxxx\main.bat

it executes on the W98 box, obviously not correctly for any commands
requiring the parameters.

What this is used for is a generic logon script for everyone, modified
with special mounts etc. by group and user if defined.

Works great with NT.  Not so good with W98

My questions is, does anyone know how to pass parameters for a logon
script for W95/98 box. 

Paul Espinosa

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