[Samba] Stupid Newbie: can't connect localhost:901 - help

Harry Rüter harry_rueter at gmx.de
Fri May 31 11:20:03 GMT 2002


Carl Larson wrote:
> I've installed the rpm's and everything seems to be
> set up fine.  I've been through many documents (even
> the one on redhat that says i must change localhost to
> in one of the config files
> (/etc/xinetd.d/swat).  When i direct mozilla to
> http://localhost:901 I get, "The connection was
> refused when attempting to contact localhost:901
> I think maybe that something is not properly setup in
> my browser, but i've tried:
> no proxy for:
> localhost       //added by me to see if it would make
> any difference...but it didn't
> I'm sure there is something really small and stupid
> that i've forgotten, and i'll feel like an idiot when
> someone tells me, but i've spent WAY TOO LONG trying
> to figure this out on my own.  Thanks in advance
> Carl

what's the output of

fuser -n tcp 901

Here's what happens on my server :

486dx66:/ # fuser -n tcp 901
901/tcp:              1843
486dx66:/ #

It shows, that the serer is running.

I'm using Netscape 4.79 and i 
do the following with proxies:

In the Inputbox "no proxies for domains beginning with"
i have the entry


Try this with your hostname.

greets Harry

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