[Samba] Windows won't send passwd to samba server

C. Ferguson fergsffd at yahoo.com
Fri May 31 07:45:02 GMT 2002

Sorry about the double email Mr McCall....

Yes, I am using unencrypted passwords. When my Win98
machine attempts to access a share, I get prompted for
a password. I enter the correct password but it
doesn't get tranmitted. I have also tried different
usernames to no avail.

--- "MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1)" <don_mccall at hp.com>
> Hi CJ,
> are you using UNENCRYPTED passwords?  (ie if you do
> testparm|grep "encrypt
> pass"  does it come back and say 
> "encrypt passwords = no")  If so, then this is
> normal windows client
> behavior (for later clients like win2k) - they can
> successfully negotiate
> cleartext passwords, but will not actually SEND a
> cleartext password across
> the wire until you respond to a prompt that asks for
> username password
> again.  The first time, it sends a null password (as
> you see in the trace),
> and then when it fails, should ask you for a
> username and password.  If you
> type in the correct username and password then, it
> should work...
> Hope this helps,
> Don
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> Subject: [Samba] Windows won't send passwd to samba
> server
> Hello
> I cannot get my Windows98 machines to connect to my
> Samba server(2.2.4)
> shares. It appears that my Win machines are not
> transmitting the password.
> The Samba server looks OK. On the server machine,
> "smbclient -L <server> -U
> user1" prompts me for a passwd, then, after
> authentication, displays the
> shares. When I attempt to map a share from my Win
> machines, the samba log
> file shows
> ...
> smbd/reply.c:reply_sesssetup_and_X(973)
>   Defaulting to Lanman password for user1
> smbd/password.c:password_ok(593)
>   Null passwords not allowed.
> smbd/reply.c:reply_sesssetup_and_X(989)
>   Rejecting user 'user1': authentication failed
> smbd/error.c:error_packet(91)
>   error string = No such file or directory
> ...
> I verified the null passwd being sent from the Win
> machines by turning on
> the sniffer(ethereal) on the samba server and
> looking at the packets coming
> through. In packets labeled by the sniffer "Session
> Setup AndX Request", I
> can see the account name, and primary domain name,
> but when it comes to the
> password, the length is set to '1' and the password
> is set to '00'. I am
> using the same login and passwords for both my Linux
> and Win98 machines.
> What am I missing?
> I would appreciate any info or insight as to what
> will help me solve my
> problem.
> CJ Ferguson
> fergsffd at yahoo.com
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