[Samba] Authentication Issues

Todd Clement todd_clement at placerdome.com
Fri May 31 05:25:02 GMT 2002

Windows clients are authenticated via NIS to access Unix AIX servers.  I had to
manually encrypt SMB user passwords
to enable them to access the Unix file shares.  This turned out to be a lot
extra work so I started searching for another
way around this problem.  I came up with using password server = server_name and
 security = server.  This
allowed me to disable the smbpasswd file and access simply by redirecting
authentication to the password server.
I have three Samba servers and one of them is the actual NIS authentication
server.  In the smb.conf  html help file there is a
statement under password server that says "Never point a Samba server at itself
for password serving. This will cause
a loop and could lock up your Samba server!"

Looks like I'm snookered again, is there another way to get around this?


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