[Samba] Accessing PC from Unix

Kaleb Pederson kibab at asc.ewu.edu
Thu May 30 10:28:02 GMT 2002

Under Linux, however, you can use the smbmount to do just what you want.
Once mounted, then you can treat it just like any other
directory/filesystem.  I know it smbmount doesn't work under Mac OS X
and believe smbmount only supports Linux, but I'm not positive on that


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On 30 May 2002, Paul Harrington wrote:

> Can someone point me to an FAQ, or tell me how to access shared PC
> drives from Solaris 8?
> I've heard of the smbclient thing - does this allow seamless access -
> can I run this, then say cd /sharedpc/c/somefolder?

Not as far as I know - it behaves very much like an FTP client. Once
you've connected and authenticated yourself, you use 'get' and 'put'
commands to access files on the share.


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