[Samba] domain administrator

Tyler Delane tylerd at networkmagic.ca
Thu May 30 09:11:48 GMT 2002

"domain admin group" is the directive you want.  Make a unix group
called "NT_admin" or something, then add the users you want to be an
administrator to that group in /etc/group.  Then add the following to
your configuration under the [global] section:

domain admin group = @NT_admin

- Tyler

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Well, I got my shares problem figured out.  I am glad.  However, now, I
to do remote installs of my norton antivirus.  I can't do it from my
without being an administrator on these machines.  I am not an
when logged in as anything.  I even set up a account for root, with no
success.  How do you make a user a domain administrator?

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