[Samba] share problem and netlogon

James Bear james.s.bear at sendit.nodak.edu
Thu May 30 07:29:02 GMT 2002

Okay, I am very happy to have my Samba working as the PDC for my small WXP
network.  Logins go great.  Roaming profiles work great.  Life is great,
except for shares.  When I first started with this, I assumed that when the
user was created and I told it to create a home directory, that it would and
this would be viewable by the user I created.  It didn't work this way.  I
couldn't see those particular directories when the user logged in.  So, I
created a share for each user.  My shares look like this in the samba.conf
	comment = Bear's home directory
	path = /home/bear
	username = bear,root
	guest account = bear
	valid users = bear,root
	force user = bear
	read only = No
	guest ok = No

Okay, this seemed to work fine, until today when I logged in as a user and
saw a share called netlogon.  I went into it and as any user, I can go into
netlogon and then go into any of the shares I have set up.  I won't have
access to the roaming profile of each user, but I do have access to each of
the accounts.  It is a read-only thing, because I can't change anything, but
I can see everybody's stuff.  Why?


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