[Samba] First login VERY slow only with XP client

Laurent Chauvirey chauvirey at free.fr
Thu May 30 04:26:04 GMT 2002

Hello all,

I have setup a Samba NT domain using OpenLDAP for authentication (compiling
samba 2.2.3a with the LDAP option). One linux box holds the OpenLDAP server
and is also a samba server (local master, software, doc), another acts as
the PDC (holds user dirs) and redirect authentication requests to the

It works perfectly well with an heterogeneous set of machines (linux-samba
clients, NT clients, W2k  clients) BUT there is a problem with XP clients:
the very first login on the domain takes a HUGE time (~10min). It is similar
to the experience of Marcel J.E. Mol (seen in the archives: May 2002,
subject: (somtimes) very slow access: windows-xppro samba).

Note that it is only the first login right after a reboot of the machine.
Once you log off and on again, it takes a reasonable amount of time.

If you experienced and solved this problem, I'd really appreciate any help.


PS : samba+ldap is the admin's heaven.

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