SOLVED: [Samba] After reIP, Samba hosts not browsable.

C. Bensend benny at
Wed May 29 16:14:03 GMT 2002

Hey folks,

	I finally got this problem resolved, and thought I
should post it back to the list for the sake of the

	When we reIP-ed our LAN, we had to split our UNIX
hosts and the Win DHCP machines into two subnets.  When we
did this, our Samba boxen immediately dropped out of the
Network Neighborhood for the Windows boxen, never to be
seen again.

	Well, what I didn't understand fully, is that the
"local master" setting in smb.conf means a machine will
"collect the local subnet's browse list" rather than
become a WINS "server."  I'm sure those descriptions aren't
technically accurate, but functionally I think I'm close,
anyway.  ;)

	So, when I saw the "local master" option, I never
set it to yes, thinking it would cause problems with the
real NT WINS servers.  Silly me.  ;)

	I went ahead and enabled the "local master" on two
of the Samba boxen in the UNIX subnet, made sure they had
the addresses of the true WINS servers, and restarted Samba.
Sure enough, all of my Samba boxes started automagically
appearing in Network Neighborhood.

FYI.  Thanks for all the help, folks!


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