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Orlando Dancourt scanray1 at yahoo.com
Wed May 29 11:04:04 GMT 2002

Hello to all,

 I have installed Mandrake 8.2 in a PC with 2 net cards. This is a subnet. The main net is called RED with a server in WinNT server 4.0 svp 3 and the subnet Animacion. When I configure Samba, I cannot see the other PC´s of RED. The other PC in the subnet is in Win2k. In this I can see the shared dir of the Linux. Making a browse in network. The linux is configured to enter to the domain of RED like client. I have almost read all the Howto and tutorial that I have found. I cannot solve the problem.  
In RED I have another PC with linux. In this I can browse to all the PC´s (all in Win98 and one in W95) but not to the server. Even use the printer that is in one of the PC of RED.  
Obviously the problem of the PC in the subnet is in the use of the 2 net cards.  
Can somebody help me with this?  
Thank you.  
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