[Samba] Win9x login script drive mapping problem - addendum

Sean Trammell strammell at siumed.edu
Wed May 29 09:04:02 GMT 2002

try one of these patches for the affected machine depending on OS (95 or


This will fix the issue you describe on Windows 95b, but I don't have
any 98 machines to test on (only 98SE which isn't affeted).  I would
imagine that 98 does the same thing.


"A.J.Dawson" wrote:
> As an addendum to my original message (copied below), I have tried a couple of
> things and have found the following:
> Running a one line login script, eg
> net use * \\server\share
> with an echo command produces the following output:
> The syntax is incorrect.
> For help, type NET USE /? at the command prompt.
> Yet running the same script one the machine as soon after login as possible
> results in he drive being mapped correctly!

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