[Samba] print commands

Klaus Zahradnik kwz at go-public.com
Wed May 29 05:24:02 GMT 2002

Hello there!
I am really frustrated. I try to get samba printer share to work since
like 4 days now. No luck yet.

Here is my problem:
Windows 2000 can connect to a shared printer, but when it comes to
printing I fail.

Is samba able to print with cups? (I installed the printer with cups and
there it works great.)

How can i find out which print command I need to use?
I tried playing with lpr on the command line, but all I get are
segmentation faults.

Also, my printcaps file has one entry as follows:
that's it. nothing more. Shouldn't there be more?

Thnaks for your help guys! I really appreciate it!


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