[Samba] Shared dir permissions problems

Jonathan Clark jr.clark at qut.edu.au
Wed May 29 01:59:02 GMT 2002

Hi everyone,

We are having a ticklish problem with permissions on the swap, and other 
shared directories on our new server... (Samba 2.2.3a domain server with 
W2KPro clients.)

We set up a number of directories in home which are subsequently mapped on 
the W2K clients.

The shared directories are where the problem is. It seems that when a file 
is created, then the only user that can edit the file is the original 
creator. This seems logical for a swap space where users can copy files 
from but not save over them.

But... we want files to be able to be opened, edited and then saved again 
by any users (who have access to those directories) - not just the original 
creator. An example is an Access database that needs to be accessed by all 
members of the 'staff'' group.

I am thinking it is a setting in the samba conf file. Any leads would be 
very much appreciated.

We had a look through the recent archives and found some items hinting at 
the issue - but I am having trouble matching this with our situation.

Cheers, and TIA,
Jonathan Clark
Jonathan Clark
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