[Samba] New to Samba

Tom Ansley tansley at law.du.edu
Tue May 28 14:41:02 GMT 2002


I'm a novice to all this samba mumbo jumbo and there doesn't seem to be a 
novice mailing list  =(  

I have a linux server running redhat 7.2 and about 6 or 7 Windows 98 machines 
which need access to shares on the server.  One of the Windows machines works 
fine and can access the required shares.  The others do not want to even know 
a thing.  

Using "netstat" on those machines I get no connections to the server.  I can 
ping the server fine and I have checked all configuration options which are 
identical to the client that works fine.  (well, obviously not!!!)

I have even created exactly the same username on both machines in case there 
was a problem with username access but they work with one client and not with 
the other.

When I type the following at the DOS prompt on the client machine I get the 
following output:

input:  net use h: \\gandalf\sds

output: error 31:  A device attached to the system is not working properly....

Also, no log files get generated for the clients that try to access the server 
and cannot but log files DO get generated for the machine that works.

If anybody has any ideas as to what I could look for it would be most 


Tom Ansley

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