[Samba] 2.2.4pre/cvs kills PDC SID - still problems

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue May 28 13:49:02 GMT 2002

On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, Martin Thomas wrote:

> Before the release of 2.2.4: could you please add some
> topics to the documentation - excuse me if this is
> already mentioned, but I did not find it.
> (a) some people (10?) asked me about a mail I've send to
> the list back in the 2.2.1 days. My problems where 
> not caused by Samba but it seems that profile-handling
> for W2k clients with a samba server reveals network
> problems (hardware or router/switch settings) which
> are never noticed with *nix alone (reports came from 
> Linux, HPUX and AIX users). I suggested to check
> the network and at least 6 people found broken
> NICs, Switches or wrong router configurations.
> http://lists.samba.org/pipermail/samba-technical/2001-July/030366.html

Will try to get this added to the Samba-PDC-HOWTO for 2.2.5.

> (b) Is 'File- and Printsharing' required on the W2K clients?
> I had strange errors here, Word 2000 crashed with data loss,
> when my colleagues tried to print on a Samba-managed printer.
> The smbd.log showed something like 'not listening for calling name'
> as last line before the client crash. Printer Drivers are installed
> locally, no drivers on the server, no 'use client driver' or
> 'disable spools support' in smb.conf. The document was
> opened from a samba share, after the crash, the document
> was completely broken, an the first characters where entries
> that normally occur in log.smbd files.
> Suggestion: "Be shure not to disable File- and Printsharing
> on W2K clients or there is a risk of windows application crashes"

this has to printer change notification.  Will add this to the 
printer driver download howto for 2.2.5

> (c) what is the right mask to "veto dot-files", "hide dot files" is ok,
> but some file-managing-tools have the 'show hidden files' option
> switched on by default. This confused the 'non-unix' people and made
> directory listings longer than necessary. I tried veto files = .* which
> worked with versions before 2.2.2 (?) but does not work anymore, maybe
> because "." and ".." are handled different since then. [homes] veto
> files
> =/.enl*/.x*/.X*/.s*/.n*/.m*/.k*/.h*/.g*/.z*/.w*/.u*/.s*/.p*/.b*/[...]
> ... works but is "ugly".

Jeremy recent fixed a bug so that 

	veto files = /.*/ 

should work now.  Can you verify this when you get a chance?

> (d) Is there any influence between 'nt acl support' in the profile 
> share and the locally cached profiles. Will a profile that
> was downloaded form the Samba-server with acl support
> enabled be synced if the acl support is disabled lateron and
> vice versa. Is it recommended to delete all cached profiles
> after changing the acl support option? I switched off
> acl-support during the tests, can I go back to default
> (on) without problems. Profiles are stored on the 
> samba-machine not on a NT-Server.

Are you asking me this?  If this is a recommendation for the
docs I don't quite follow what you are trying to say.

cheers, jerry
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