[Samba] Confused over pam/ldap/pamsmbpass

Ken Kleiner ken at cs.uml.edu
Tue May 28 13:03:02 GMT 2002


  I have managed to confuse myself over implementing samba and allowing
it to sync passwords with a unix ldap server.

  The server samba is running on is also the ldap server, and I can
sucesfully change a ldap user's password with the standard passwd command.

  I have compiled samba with pam_smbpass support. 
  Although the unix accounts are in ldap, I want to keep smb accounts in 
the standard smbpassword file.  

  I'm now confused over how to sync the passwords.  In using pam_smbpass, if 
I change my smb password with a nt/2000 workstation and/or smbpass, will
it know to change it on the LDAP server or will it fail since pam_smbpass
is looking for /etc/shadow (I didn't see that in the source code).  I.e.
since passwd on unix can change ldap password, shouldn't this?  

  To set this up, would putting the following in /etc/pam.d/system-auth
suffice?   :  

password required /lib/security/pam_smbpass.so 

  Thanks in advance....
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