[Samba] Samba + Fat32 partition = Corrupted files???

sambauser sambauser at finik.net
Tue May 28 09:19:01 GMT 2002

Hi, all!

I've a huge problem on my home network and I suspect
it is samba to blame:

Machine A:
Fileserver running on FreeBSD 4.5 + Samba 2.2.4
Has 2 discs: 1 UFS partition and other is 80GB FAT32 partition

Machine B:
Win2K Pro, with maped discs to shares both to \\A\UFS and \\A\FAT32

Whenever I write files B -> A using samba, the files are beeing corrupted,
but only on the shared FAT32 partition! The corruption is usually
a block or number of blocks of "0". The size of the file is irrelevant, I
saw it on 1GB files as well as on 5Kb files.

I've seen reports about this problem in other places:

Since other people complaining about similar problems use Solaris/Linux
whatever..I suspect it is a Samba problem and not FreeBSD.
BTW: My write cache is disabled (default)

Does anyone have any idea?

Thank you in advance,
I'm tired of copying all the files with samba first to UFS share, then
login to the Unix machine and move them to FAT32 mount :)

Dmitry Fink

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