[Samba] NFS versus SAMBA

Cecil Westerhoff cwesterh at wanadoo.nl
Tue May 28 05:56:02 GMT 2002

Op di 28-05-2002, om 14:45 schreef Christian Barth:
> One thing to note in this comparison: NFS uses a per host based 
> authentisication, samba uses a per user based authentisication. This 
> is way NFS has to trust its clients, whiele samba has not. This has a 
> couple of effects we you at the university:
> The two departments of our institute have a seperate account 
> managment, we only agree on ranges of nummeric uids for each 
> department: This way we can have a commen NFS shared disk. 
> Our central computer department offers unix accounts with disk space 
> and printing for everybody. But they surly do not let every linux pc 
> of a student give the permission to do a NFS mount. They have to use 
> smbfs.

I did not know this. Thanks for the info.

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