[Samba] windows can't print :o(

Klaus Zahradnik kwz at go-public.com
Tue May 28 02:01:03 GMT 2002

Hy guys!
I have a problem with my samba configuration. I really hope you can help me 
out here, since I am pretty new to Linux and still try to figure it out.
So, here it goes:

I hava a "server" running SuSE 8.0 and should work as a firewall and 
I started out setting up the homes share, which works like a dream. Next the 
printer. Installed the printer with cups, test, works. Goto samba, create share 
Winodws, install printer works. But a testpage never gets printed (wihtout 
windows giving an error) and a regular printjob just stays in the spooler on the 
windowsmachine, and never even sees samba.

So, what am I doing wrong here?

At the bottom of this mail is the smb.conf.

Thanks for your help and 
best regards
Klaus Zahradnik

# Samba config file created using SWAT 
# from ( 
# Date: 2002/05/28 11:01:37 

# Global parameters 
        workgroup = GOPUBLIC 
        netbios name = LINUXBOX 
        server string = Druckserver 
        interfaces = eth* 
        encrypt passwords = Yes 
        socket options = SO_KEEPALIVE TCP_NODELAY 
        character set = ISO8859-15 
        os level = 2 
        wins support = Yes 
        path = /etc/samba/ 
        guest account = root 
        admin users = showroom 
        printer admin = @ntadmin 
        read only = No 
        guest ok = Yes 
        printing = cups 
        printer name = df 
        veto files = /*.eml/*.nws/riched20.dll/*.{*}/ 

        comment = Home Directories 
        create mask = 0640 
        directory mask = 0750 

        comment = This is a test 
        path = /var/spool/lpd/lp 
        printable = Yes 
        browseable = No 

        printable = Yes 
        printer name = HP880c 

        path = /tmp 
        printable = Yes 
        printer name = HP880c 
        oplocks = No 

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