[Samba] Samba stuck!

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In order to be able to “browse” shares without knowing the
address of the server, you must both enable WINS (as a
server) on the Samba side, and point Windows NT to the WINS
server for name resolution. To enable WINS on the server,
place the following line somewhere in the global section of
your smb.conf file:

        wins support = Yes

To enable it in Windows, simply place the WINS server’s IP
address as a WINS server in the Networking control panel.
This varies in different versions of Windows as to exactly
where it is located, but it should be relatively easy to
find. Hope that helps.

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Hi I wonder if you can help me.

I'm currently studying Networking as a college course and
one of the challenges we have been set is to research, then
put into practice the mapping of a linux server onto a
Windows NT server.

I'll be honest with you, I'm very new to all this so I hope
I explain this correctly.

I have successfully created my own smb.conf file, usernames,
areas and a user group.

These all apear from the Windows NT area when I click 'map a
network drive' on 'Network Neighborhood' and type the full

The one challenge we have been given which I am having great
problems with is if I open up 'Network Neighborhood' I need
my linux server to apear on the Network list.

I can access the server if I type the address but I need it
to automatically apear on the begining list when 'Network
neighborhood'is opened.

Do you have any ideas how I can achieve this? Is there
something I need to add to the smb file or do I have to
configure it from the Windows end?!

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated !

Thanks again

Matt Perkins

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