[Samba] Problems sharing a MS Access 2000 DataBase

David Vazquez Guzman hosting at yifan.net
Mon May 27 12:13:02 GMT 2002

Hello there, i have a little network in wich we use a MS Access 2000 DB,
currently i´m sharing it on Win2000 and i want to to share it on samba, but
since Access DB´s create a *.ldb lock file within each opened session of
each user in the DB is kind of a log of the sessions, the same file that
must be accessed  R/W by all the users in the net, so here is the tricky
part, i set up the samba sevice, and works like a charm, but when we get to
the *.ldb file is the problem since the user that opens the db first is the
one that creates the file and the rest of the user just write the file
after, it is the problem cuase the can´t since the file has user privileges,
so i checked the docs at samba.org and the bes i found was the oplocks so
disable it but it still doesn´t work, so i spent the weekend thinking  and
the best i could imagine was to set up a fat32 partition and share it with
the samba, i belive that is an option, what do you guy think is there any
way i could give a share no user privileges of this file at least ?

thaks a lot.

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