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Wooi Koay wooi at bigfoot.com
Mon May 27 10:27:02 GMT 2002

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I have win2k pro SP2 client trying to save/retrieve roaming profile from
samba 2.2.3a PDC.  I followed the SP2 suggestion by throwing "nt acl
support = no" to the profiles share, it didn't help.  I tried to look
for some other solutions on the newsgroup, no luck so far.  

Here is the scnario:

1. If a new user (not being loged on before) log on to win2k pro, it
works fine.  The profiles are created at the server.  Log this user out
and re-login, I got the "you do not have permission to access your
central profile".  I can repeatedly produce this problem.

Other observations:

1. There seems to be a pattern which if I leave the user  log on for x
amount of times and/or logout/relogin for the next number of times, I
will not get the "you do not have permission ..." error message in the
next logon, unfortunately, I couldn't find the clear pattern.
2. If I restart the samba server, I will not get the error message in
the next logon
3. If I restart the client machine, I will not get the error message in
the next logon.

Any thoughts?  Thanks.

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