[Samba] Samba for Solaris 8 SPARC version

Henk van Gerwen PP henk.vg.pp at planet.nl
Mon May 27 08:26:04 GMT 2002

Hello Samba,

I need Samba for doing a test with Solaris 8 SPARC version.

When I do a pkgadd -d . blablabla the system returns a message that it is
not package.

Please can somebody send me the correct information including the patches
that are needed for Solaris 8.

Kind regards,

MAN Roland Nederland BV
Henk van Gerwen
Projectmanager Prepress

Deccaweg 32
1042 AD  Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)20-5972224
Fax +31 (0)20-5872613
E-mail:   henk.gerwen at man-roland.nl
          henk.vg.pp at planet.nl

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