[Samba] Problem compiling samba 2.2.4 with SCO Open Server 3.0, Unix 3.2.v4.2

Walter Willmertinger willmertinger at consys.de
Mon May 27 08:09:30 GMT 2002

This path was not tested and so we have a lot of errors for this old SCO 
The first error is when doing a ./configure, we get an error message at the 
end of the configure script:
sed: command garbled ... with some cryptic sed commands.
	configure: creating ./config.status
	sed: command garbled: 
s,^[      ]*#[    ]*define[       ][      ]*\(\([^
	(][^    (]*\)([^)]*)\)[         ]*\(.*\)$,${ac_dA}\2${ac_dB}\1${ac_dC}\3${a 
(][^    (]*\)([^)]*)\)[ 

The resulting makefile has an error in line 664, the definition of
	nsswitch/libnss_winbind.so: $(WINBIND_NSS_PICOBJS)
starts with no text before the ":"

We changed the resulting makefile manually and got the next error:
in the file include/includes.h (line 453) there is a typing error in the 
definition of int32.
In the case that no option was valid before, the macro "uint32" is defined 
by int, but not "int32"

But also this correction leads only to the next compile error with the 
typedef timeval missing.

Did anyone do already the hard work to compile samba on this old system.
Our last working version was 2.0.7. But since this release there have been 
a lot of changes to the sama source code. 

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