[Samba] Problems with samba 2.2.4

Oliver Thinnes O.Thinnes at pulsaar.de
Mon May 27 03:24:03 GMT 2002

Dear Sirs.

I have here running samba 2.2.4 compiled on Redhat 7.2 with kernel 2.4.17 
with ACL support on EXT3 (http://acl.bestbits.at) and winbindd.

Winbind works. I can ssh as a NT4 user and use samba network shares as a NT 
user without username mapping. (no German special characters, no spaces in 
user name).

In smb.conf
 veto files = /quota.*/lost+found/.*/

doesn't work

In smb.conf
add user script = /usr/local/samba/bin/skipt.sh

doesn't work

3. German special characters Umlaute in NT group name cause problems
In German version of NT 4 server "Domain-users" is called 
"Domänen-Benutzer" which doesn't work in "write list = 

Also problems displaying lock files with smbstatus when group names contain 
German special characters.
# smbstatus
INFO: Debug class all level = 2   (pid 11012 from pid 11012)

Samba version 2.2.4
Service      uid      gid      pid     machine
o.thinnes    PULSAAR+O.Thinnes PULSAAR+Dom
                                          nen-Benutzer 10820   thinnes3 
( Mon May 27 09:57:58 2002
Public       PULSAAR+O.Thinnes PULSAAR+Dom

The group is called "PULSAAR+Domänen-Benutzer".

nsswitch/pam_winbind.so is not created when doing "make"
# cd samba/source
# ./configure --with-privatedir=/etc/samba --with-lockdir=/var/lock 
--with-configdir=/etc/samba --with-quotas --with-acl-support --with-winbind 
# make
# make install
nsswitch/pam_winbind.so which is located in /lib/security/pam_winbind.so is 
not compiled

Yours sincerely.

Oliver Thinnes

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