[Samba] Tru64 Samba queue display problem

Daniel Frencham d.frencham at qut.edu.au
Sun May 26 19:17:02 GMT 2002


I'm having problems with the queue on a Tru64 box running Samba 2.2.4.

When the queue is viewed from a client machine it displays a print job with 
fields equivalent to the first line the lpq command outputs.

For example, lpq returns:

# lpq -P itsgp_css1
crow.qut.edu.au: Tue May 14 09:23:54 2002:
no entries

Then if I get on a client machine (Win2k) and look at the queue there is a 
single job as follows:

Document Name   Status  Owner   Pages
11:22:41                        May

So, samba seems to be passing that first line of the lpq output to the 
client incorrectly. An old version (1.9.18) doesn't do that. Has anyone 
seen anything like that, or have any ideas on a solution?

Daniel Frencham
Systems Administrator
Central Systems Services, ITS, QUT
d.frencham at qut.edu.au

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